Stains & Finishes : Briwax


Briwax is a unique blend of soft beeswax and a hard, waxy emollient from the carnauba palm in South America. Designed by woodcarvers, it was created to protect the original quality of a wood as well as restore that 'like-new' look in antiques. Prior to the Briwax blend, this process could only be achieved by laborious hand rubbing.

This unique "Craftsman's Choice" is known throughout the world to professional woodworkers and refinishers as well as quality-conscious homeowners who simply want to keep their furnishings in top condition. Briwax is available in clear and five wood colours - light brown, tudor brown, dark brown, antique mahogany (cherry) and golden oak. At Windsor Plywood we also carry Briwax's furniture cleaner and liming wax, giving you a one stop shop for all Brimax products!