Tools: Exchange-A-Blade


Tools of the trade - to trade! Come in and buy one of our blades and let our recycling program make saving money simple! When the blade is dull, bring it back and pick out an exchange-a-blade of the same type and size. Leave the dull blade at the store, take home a razor sharp blade and pay only the low exchange price - it's just that easy. These blades are engineered from the finest materials to exact specifications. Each blade is inspected for flatness, tooth tolerances, brazing and finishing.

When you exchange your dull blade for a reconditioned one, you are getting back a sharpened, cleaned, balanced blade with the carbide tips ground to razor sharpness or replaced if need be. You'll find these Exchange-A-Blade saw blades equal in performance to any new blade, guaranteed. It's a simple concept: Buy it. Use it. Bring it back. You could save up to 75%.