Cleaners : Shell Busey

At Windsor we pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with unique products that really work! Drop in and check out our selection of specialty products. If Shell Busey talks about it, we can help you find it.

Carpet Cleaner
100% biodegradable, non-toxic carpet and upholstery cleaner that removes most orders and stains completely and effectively. Entirely free of harsh chemicals or solvents with a high foaming application and minimal foam retention.
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to use
• Removes the most stubborn stains
• Used by commercial cleaners


Concrete Cleaner
Highly effective formulation with additional chemistry for tackling persistently tough contaminants, this is the most environmentally friendly and highly effective concrete cleaner available on the market.
• The world's best at cleaning concrete.
• Lifts oil and other automotive fluids, coffee, cola, rust, bird droppings and many other soils.
• Not harmful to the environment


Heavy Duty Cleaner
Formulated to cut through the toughest dirt grease and stains of all types.
• Cleans and brightens stucco, vinyl, aluminum siding, awnings, decks, and more. • Effectively handles light duty cleaning such as walls, floors and counter tops.
• Environmentally friendly.
• All the same super concentrated cleaning power of the Home Cleaning formula but in a liquid.


Grout and Tile Cleaner
Made of a natural salt compound that lifts stains from exposed grout, this cleaner is in a gel form to cling to vertical surfaces.
• Provides deep penetrating action on porous surfaces while leaving no negative impact on grout or tile.
• 100% organic formula.
• No fumes, great when working in small, enclosed spaces.
• Comes in a gel form for vertical surfaces and minimal product waste.
• Removes stains and mildew without all the effort required from other brands.
• Removes mineral buildup and stains including rust.
• Additional use: Removes rust from concrete.


All Purpose Cleaner
Power away dirt and fight bacteria, provides streak free cleaning. Leaves your surfaces sparkling clean with a light lemon scent. Works well in hot or cold, hard or soft water, without effecting the finish or wax coatings.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Works on floors, counter tops, stove tops, fixtures, laminate, glass, chrome and stainless steel.
• What about that new stainless steel barbeque?


Odor Remover
All natural, yet powerful solution for the toughest odors. Rather then masking the odor. Permanently eliminates hard to remove odors and allergens trapped in carpet and upholstery.
• 100% natural.
• Gets to the source, rather than masking the smell.
• Leaves no odor when dry, no smelly after fragrances.
• Pet odors, moldy musty smells, body odors, smoke and food smells